• This type of electroscope, was originally created by Professor Ferdinand Braun of Germany. Today it is primarily used for classroom demonstrations of electrostatic phenomena.
  • This rugged, sensitive electroscope can accept various accessories to change its capacitance.
  • A sensitive aluminum vane is easily observed and projected on a chalkboard (Light Source, not included) on which an arbitrary scale has been marked.
  • The vane can also be manufactured in stainless steel.
  • The height of the electroscope without the attachments is about 9”.

Four attachments, each equipped with a banana plug which fits the vane system top are included:

  • A 1” conducting sphere
  • A 3” conducting sphere
  • Proof plane with detachable insulating handle
  • An Aluminium cup (Faraday’s ice pail).

Attachments can be charged using either our electrophorus or our power supply (not included).

The apparatus is supplied with instructions.

This apparatus is highly useful in student demonstrations, such that when the electroscope is charged, the deflection arm is repelled by the vertical rod. The greater the charge, the greater the deflection. The arm comes to rest when the repulsive coulombic force equals the gravitational force on the arm.



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