• These bar magnets are composed of an iron alloy, which in addition to iron are composed mainly of aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co), hence d name, ‘ALNICO’.
  • Alnico alloys make strong permanent magnets, and can be magnetised to produce strong magnetic fields.
  • These magnets are supplied in pairs, with keepers.
  • The North Pole is clearly marked.
  • These bar magnets are supplied in cardboard boxes.
  • Wooden boxes in different sizes are also available for these alnico bar magnets on request.

These are available in different sizes:

  1. 37×13×10mm
  2. 50×13×10mm
  3. 75×13×10mm
  4. 100×13×10mm
  5. 150×13×10mm
  6. 37×15×10mm
  7. 50×15×10mm
  8. 75×15×10mm
  9. 100×15×10mm
  10. 150×15×10mm
  11. 50×12×8mm
  12. 75×12×8mm
  13. 100×12×8mm
  14. 150×12×8mm
  15. 50×15×5mm
  16. 75×15×5mm
  17. 100×15×5mm
  18. 100×20×10mm
  19. 150×25×15mm.
  • Other sizes are also available on specific request.


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