• These are rectangular in shape and are permanent magnets, which means that they will retain their magnetic fields for a significant period of time without the use of a supplied electric current.
  • They are made of chrome steel and are supplied in pairs.
  • They are painted half in red and half in blue.
  • They are supplied with keepers.

They are available in different sizes:

    (L × W × H)

  1. 37×12×5 mm
  2. 50×12×5 mm
  3. 75×12×5 mm
  4. 100×12×5 mm
  5. 150×12×5 mm
  • Other sizes are also available on specific request.
  • With these bar magnets, students can appreciate how the unlike poles of magnets attract each other and the like poles repel each other.
  • The bar magnets can be supplied in wooden/plastic cases at an extra cost.


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