• These are intended for mechanics investigations, including linear momentum, velocity and acceleration.
  • They include a pair of identical wooden trolleys (30mm long), mounted on three low-friction wheels with a strong spring plunger.
  • The spring loaded rod is fitted to give impulse when released.
  • There is a provision for stacking the trolleys on top of each other with removable pins, by fitting them into the corresponding holes on the top and the bottom of the trolley.
  • By stacking, the effective mass of a trolley is doubled or tripled.
  • Extra masses can also be placed on the flat top of the trolleys as required.
  • These trolleys are supplied complete with 3 elastic rings, 3 springs, 8 pins (for stacking), 2 rubber corks 2 needles and 1 releasing pin.
  • The two rubber corks supplied, also fit into the holes drilled into the front of the trolley. If long pins are stuck into the cork, then when one trolley impacts with another, they should stick together, thus allowing for investigation into inelastic collisions.
  • A runway (8 feet long) for the dynamics trolley can be bought separately.
  • These trolleys are also available in plastic.


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