The kit comprises of :

  • 1 gold leaf electroscope with top plate and hook electrode.
  • 4 metallised polystyrene spheres
  • 1 reel of very fine nylon thread
  • 1 Cellulose acetate strip
  • 1 Polythene strip
  • 1 Wire stirrup for suspending strips
  • 1 Rubber cloth
  • 1 Wire hook
  • 1 Electrophorus plate with an insulating handle
  • 1 Proof plane
  • 2 polythene square plates
  • 2 Aluminium calorimeters.

This kit can be used for basic student experiments to demonstrate multiple electrostatic principles such as: electrophorus, charging electroscopes by induction and contact, electrostatic attraction, repulsion and induction, and surface distribution of the charge.

  • The metallised polystyrene spheres maybe suspended on fine nylon threads to serve as light ‘hollow’ conductors which can be charged by ‘wiping’, using the edge of charged strips, or by induction, holding the strip near and earthing the sphere.
  • Repulsion and attraction of like and unlike charges maybe shown by suspending two spheres close to each other, or by suspending a charged strip in the stirrup provided.
  • The polythene and cellulose acetate strips used with the ‘rubber’ provided, produce opposite charges.
  • The electrophorous plate maybe used as a condenser plate or as an electrophorous disc in conjuction with the square polythene plates.
  • The proof plane is useful in determining the charge on conductors.
  • By removing the hook from the electroscope after charging, the electroscope maybe used as a sensitive low-capacity indicator in radioactivity work.
  • Radioactive specimens maybe inserted into the case beneath the gold leaf and the time taken to discharge the leaf between two arbitrary points noted for different materials.

A pack of gold leaf can be included at an extra cost.



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