• This is a simple tool for demonstrating Newton’s First Law and the vector nature of forces.
  • This tool is based on the principle of “equilibrium”. An object is said to be in equilibrium when there is no net force acting on it. By using simple weights, pulleys and strings placed around a circular table, several forces can be applied to an object located in the centre of the table in such a way that the forces exactly cancel each other, leaving the object in equilibrium.
  • It consists of a force table which is extra- thick, precision-machined and made of aluminum and is 40 cm in diameter.
  • The table has a raised rim with a scale graduated in 360 degrees, for accurate and easy-to-read measurements.
  • It is mounted on a sturdy vertical support rod and a heavy tripod base with leveling screws that provide a stable base.
  • It has a ring at the center of the force table, fastened by cords passing over four pulleys attached to the table.
  • The heavy center pin fits snugly into the tabletop for easy assembly.
  • The pulley clamps are specially designed to conform to the curve of the circular table so that your pulleys won’t wobble.
  • The apparatus comes complete with cord, four pulleys, four weights hangers and twelve weights (2×10 gm, 2×20 gm, 4×50 gm, 4x100gm).


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