• The Fortin’s barometer is most widely used and is generally the most accurate of the mercury barometers.
  • Our device is a superior standard mercury barometer suitable for altitudes up to 600 meters.
  • A glass tube with a nominal bore of 7 mm is encased in an enameled and lacquered brass tube and is mounted on a polished wooden board.
  • There is a provision for wall mounting.
  • With chemically engraved silver scales graduated in both millimeter and 1/10 inch, accompanied with a vernier having a least count of 0.05mm of Hg and 0.002 inch of Hg.
  • The vernier calliper moves with a rack and pinion arrangement and is mounted between the two scales, and the complete arrangement is enclosed in a glass cylinder.
  • The range of the scales= 675 to 810 mm of Hg and 26 to 32 inch of Hg.
  • A white reflecting surface behind the scales facilitates easier reading.
  • The glass cylinder, towards the lower end of the barometer has an ivory pointer with an adjustment screw.
  • The level of mercury in the glass at the bottom of the barometer cistern is adjusted to a scale zero, known as the fiducial point, each time a reading is to be taken. The level of mercury in the column is then read against the scale, using a vernier adjustment for extra accuracy.
  • A ring support and three locking screws at the base of the instrument provide the means of securing the barometer in a vertical position.
  • The barometer is fitted with a thermometer with a range of -10° to +50°C, to measure the ambient temperature.
  • The apparatus is supplied complete with working instructions.
  • The barometer is supplied without mercury.


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