• Gold Leaf Electroscope is a device that can be used to find out whether a given body has an electric charge or not, as well as whether a given body is positively-charged or negatively-charged.
  • This gold leaf electroscope is great for hands on experience with electrostatic principles in physics classrooms and labs.
  • It consists of 2 very thin gold leaves hanging from a metal stem with a metal disc at the top.
  • The leaves are protected by a solidly constructed sheet metal case mounted on a metal base and with glass observation windows.
  • The metal stem is passed into the case through an insulating bushing.
  • If an electric charge is applied to the metal disc, the charge distributes itself over the top, stem and leaves, charging both leaves with electricity of the same kind, and causing them to repel each another.
  • The angle of divergence of the leaves can be used as a measure of the amount of charge on them.
  • A metal scale is attached inside the chamber to measure the deflection of the gold leaf.
  • Front glass window slides up to allow for the insertion of an ionizing material in the chamber.
  • Fitted with a 4mm socket.
  • Assembled, the electroscope measures 5×3.25x7inches


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