• Helmholtz coil is a device used for producing a region of nearly uniform magnetic field.
  • Besides creating magnetic fields, Helmholtz coils are also used in scientific apparatus to cancel external magnetic fields, such as the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • In our apparatus, two identical circular coils are arranged parallel to each other along a common axis.
  • Each coil carries an equal electric current in the same direction.
  • Each coil comprises of a support rod, which fits on the holders of the track system supplied.
  • Each coil has 4 mm terminals and their distance apart is adjusted over the track supplied.
  • Students can apprehend that when current flows through the coils, a homogenous magnetic field is created in the mid-plane between the two circular coils. The strength of this magnetic field created depends on the current, the number of turns in each coil and on the distance between the coils.


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