• An induction coil is used to produce high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage direct current (DC) supply.
  • Our induction coil consists of a central cylindrical core of soft iron on which are wound two insulated coils: an inner or primary coil, having relatively few turns of copper wire, and a surrounding secondary coil, having a large number of turns of thinner copper wire.
  • It is mounted on a rigid wooden base.
  • The interrupter which is the fully adjustable vibrating arm is incorporated in the apparatus and spark suppression capacitors are housed in the base.
  • An input voltage of 6-12V DC is provided via 4mm socket terminals.
  • A pair of pointer electrodes is supplied with the instrument. Pointer electrodes have an insulating handle for adjustment of the spark gap.
  • Students can understand that how a magnetic field is created, when an electric current is passed through the primary coils and when this current is interrupted the magnetic field collapses. This in turn causes a high voltage pulse to develop across the secondary coils (via electromagnetic induction). Due to the larger number of turns of the secondary coil, the voltage produced is so high that it can cause an electric spark.
  • Different spark lengths are obtainable with our induction coils.

We have 3 options in these coils:

  1. Induction coil with spark length=30mm.
  2. Induction coil with spark length=50 mm.
  3. Induction coil with spark length=100 mm.


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