Lens holders are used to position the lenses in a variety of applications.

They secure the lenses in place while minimizing the risk of damage.

We offer a variety of lens holders. These include:

  1. Lens Holders, Wooden: These lens holders comprise of an upright 100 mm high with a V-shaped slot to hold a convex or concave lens. The entire assembly is mounted on a rectangular base whose dimensions are 100 ×50 mm. They can take lenses or mirrors of up to 76mm in diameter. An index mark is engraved on each end of the base.
  2. Lens Holders, Adjustable: These lens holders are made of cast light metal. They can take lenses or mirrors from up to 25mm to 75mm in diameter. The V-section arms are hinged at the lower ends and can be locked in position by the thumbscrew. They are mounted on a stem which is 9.5mm in diameter.
  3. Lens Holders, Round: These lens holders are made of unbreakable PVC material. They have a circular slot and can hold a lens or mirror which is 50 mm in diameter.
  4. Lens Holders, Clip Pattern: They comprise of a metal holder with sides grooved. They are designed to have a firm grip on lenses or mirrors of 50mm diameter. They are mounted on a base with a slot cut out to be accommodated on the optical bench.


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