• This device is used to study motion in a low friction environment.
  • It can also be used to study collisions, both elastic and inelastic.
  • The track can also be used to calculate the force of gravity when placed at an angle.
  • The principal component of the apparatus comprises of a specially designed, angular section, anodized aluminium alloy track which is 1.5m/2m in length.
  • Rows of fine holes run along the top of the track through which jets of air emerge to form an air cushion on which the vehicles float under virtually frictionless conditions.
  • The track is supported on two light alloy castings, positioned 45 cm from each end of the track.
  • One support has a two-point contact and other has a one-point contact, for lateral and horizontal adjustments, for which a knurled screw is provided.
  • Large catapult arms with slots for elastic bands are fitted to each end of the track. A fully fitted to one end of the track enables experiments involving acceleration under a constant force.
  • Identical end caps enable air to be introduced from either end of the track, a bung being supplied to close the end not being used.
  • The vehicle buffer attachments and clamping screws are matt black to help in the interpretation of stroboscopic photographs.

It is supplied complete with an accessory tray consisting of:

  1. 3 Rubber band bumpers with banana plug
  2. 2 Flags (100mm in length)
  3. 2 Bumper blades on cylinder with banana plug
  4. Hook attachment with banana plug
  5. Needle on cylinder with banana plug
  6. 1 wax filled cylinder with banana plug
  7. 1 slotted mass set, 20gm.
  8. 1 pulley with banana plug
  9. 2 gliders.
  • The air blower and a pair of photogates with timer and leads are included.
  • The air track is available in two lengths:
  1. 1.5m
  2. 2m


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