This kit includes a variety of materials with different dimensions in the form of rectangular blocks, intended to familiarize the students with the appearance, ‘feel’, texture, hardness and density of a range of common substances.

The kit comprises two of each of the seventeen blocks as below.

  • Materials with Block Dimensions= 50x40x30mm include:
    o Softwood, Hardwood, Paraffin wax, Aluminium, Iron, Foamed polystyrene
  • Materials with Block Dimensions = 20x20x100mm include:
    o Perspex, Glass, Slate, Aluminium, Softwood, Marble.
  • Lead, Block Dimensions: 50x50x20mm
  • Aluminium, Block Dimensions: 50x50x80mm
  • Hardwood, Block Dimensions: 50x50x200mm
  • Brass, Block Dimensions: 20x20x50mm
  • Iron, Block Dimensions: 40x40x20mm.


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