• A gear or cogwheel is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, or cogs, which usually mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque.
  • Two or more gears working in a sequence are called a gear train.
  • These training models are highly useful for demonstrating the most fundamental and frequently used mechanism and are very useful for engineering students.
  • All the components are made with a high degree of precision.
  • These modules are assembled on transparent Perspex sheets to facilitate teaching.
  • They are easy to assemble or disassemble.
  • These models help students to understand how the geared train arrangements can produce a mechanical advantage through a gear ratio and thus may be considered as simple machines.
  • Also students can appreciate that although the gears in a transmission are analogous to the wheels in a crossed belt pulley system, an advantage of gears is that the teeth of a gear prevent slippage.


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