Paraffing Dispenser (PD – 305)


  • Paraffin Dispenser is a different melting points and purpose
  • Ds capacity with a constantly beated paraffin dispenser nozzle
  • Puratin Dispenser modules rupest typical modern and ergonomic design of the histology product line and include an cany to read and user friendly control panel with LED display
  • Sensor de lemperature change when paraffiti indded to send and adjust accordingly
  • Digital time for into power on/off


  • Temperature range: Continuously adjustable within 0-100°C
  • 5 Temperature control precision: +-1 °C
  • Capacity 5 liter %
  • Working voltage AC220V+-10% 50Hz %
  • Power 1000W



The pain dispenser with a digital disalay to high heating performance and pre temperature regulation undulled by other retients in this field. The munis dispend hough the buted dispenset notre il serves to avoid the complicated and time-consuming meiling af paraffin using Bu b ar, ovens or pots and helping pen the laboratory
Paraffin dispenser allows melting and keeping in temperatures liter of paratin at digital contralled temperature. It melting system rapid and constant, prevent any harmful teemal hacks to the molecular structure of paraffin. In this way parafilin martingas features for long time. Through LCD display of companies, you can visual penting per and current peature, The user allowed to all the temperature through the menu function. Molten parallin is dipensed through men drip, theated tap. Separate tap theatreures even flow of paraffin wax Dispenser tap controls in wax delivery and can be locked in the open position required. The durablet exterior coming in sy to clean and the part w r oir is for good thermal conductivity and improved tarperature control. Reservoir ter screen presents Cours particles from blocking the one tap


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