Profile Projector KW – 850 with DRO (EL- 300)

  • Compact light weight Table top model with easy operations.
  • 300mm diameter screen with 90° cross line and chart holders.
  • Screen is graduated to 360 with vernier reading l minute.
  • Transmitted Light Source with 12V/ 100W Halogen Lamp.
  • Double Incident Light source for Surface lllumination through 10 watt LED bulbs.
  • Focusing can be adjusted manually by hand wheel.
  • Optical distortion below 0.15%.
  • Standard magnifications: 10x, Optional 20x, 50x, 80x and 100Ox.
  • Cross Travel Stage size: 150×150 mm. Table Travel upto 50×50 mm (X-Y movement).
  • Measurements available through Micrometer heads 0-50mm, Least count 0.005mm
  • Digital Readout System (optional).
  • Cooling by built-in noiseless and vibration free fan. Supplied complete with operating instruction manual.
  • Packed in Styrofome & cardboard box.


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