• Pulleys are useful for student experiments.
  • They are one of the oldest and the simplest machines.
  • By using pulleys in different combinations and arrangements, students will discover for themselves how pulleys are useful in making work easier.
  • Student recall of pulley principles is guaranteed to increase after this hands on experiment.
  • These pulleys are mounted in a metal frame that prevents the same from slipping off.
  • They are non-deformable, low-friction pulleys with cord grooves and hooks at the end of both axles for suspending from fixed support or other pulleys.
  • They have an accurate centered alignment.
  • They can be bought as a set or individually.

Various options available include:

  1. Single pulley, Diameter: 50mm.
  2. Double pulley (Parallel arrangement)
  3. Double tandem pulley, Diameter: 38mm, 50mm.
  4. Triple pulley (Parallel arrangement)
  5. Triple tandem pulley, Diameter: 25mm,38mm,50mm.


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