• Spectrum Analyzer is used for the early test in the development of electrical products, troubleshooting of CATV/MATV system as well as the test and trouble diagnosis of cellular phone/paging system.
Frequency Range 150KHz to1000MHz
4.5 Digit Display Center & Marker Frequency, 0.1MHz Resolution
Amplitude Range -100dBm to +13dBm
Filters 20KHz, 250KHz & Video Filter
AM/FM Demodulator Included
Full Range Built-in 0.15MHz to 1000MHz, Tracking Generator
Output Power +1dBm to -50dBm (50ohms)
  • Optional near field sniffer probe set to locate cable and PC board Emission “Hot Spot, evaluate EMC problem at the breadboard and Prototype level. Ideal solution for RF leakage/radiation detection


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