• Spectrum tubes are partly evacuated capillary glass tubes filled with a gas, usually that of an element or small molecule.
  • Sealed metal electrodes are located at the ends of each tube for the application of a voltage to generate the electrical field that provides the necessary energy.
  • When a spectrum tube is placed in a spectrum tube power supply and the power supply is turned on, an electrical discharge is passed through the tube, causing electrons in the gas to be excited. As the electrons relax, they emit light-a characteristic color for each gas.
  • When students view the lighted tube through a spectroscope, they can observe the unique set of spectral lines for each gas.
  • Spectrum tubes should only be used intermittently. They are designed for operation intervals of 30 seconds and are not intended as a continuous source of light.

Different spectrum tubes are available with us, based on the gas type:

  1. Spectrum tube-Oxygen
  2. Spectrum tube-Neon
  3. Spectrum tube-Helium
  4. Spectrum tube-Air
  5. Spectrum tube-Nitrogen
  6. Spectrum tube-Argon
  7. Spectrum tube-Carbon dioxide
  8. Spectrum tube-Hydrogen
  9. Spectrum tube-Iodine Vapor
  10. Spectrum tube-Sulphur
  11. Spectrum tube- Water vapors
  12. Spectrum tube-Krypton
  13. Spectrum tube-Xenon
  14. Spectrum tube-Mercury vapors
  15. Spectrum tube-Bromine


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