• These are used for the measurement of velocity and acceleration, using timing marks made on a moving paper tape by a vibrating striker.
  • Designed to operate on a 12V A.C. supply and uses the mains frequency as its timing standard.
  • The unit is housed in a moulded case including mounting flanges.
  • The top of the case caries a tape guide which incorporates a carbon paper disc support and an adjustable anvil for the striker point.
  • All moving parts are fully enclosed.
  • A pair of 4 mm sockets are provided on the side of the case for connection of the electrical supply.
  • It is supplied with a roll of self marking paper tape.
  • The paper tape=100m long and 9.5mm wide.
  • Carbon Paper Discs: 40mm in diameter with 3mm hole, cut from long life plastic film type carbon paper.
  • Thus, they help students to analyze the motion of objects in physics labs.


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