• These microscopes are designed to meet the needs of research institutes, colleges, schools, and industrial laboratories.
  • They are used for the accurate measurement of the diameters of different objects.
  • They are also used in physics laboratories for more accurate determination of even the smallest variations in liquid levels, in manometers, for the refractive index of liquids, as well as in the surface tension and viscosity experiments.
  • Our travelling microscope consists of a cast iron base that is fitted with leveling screws, with the top duly machined, over which slides a metal carriage.
  • Slide can be clamped at any position by means of a clamping screw.
  • A vertical slide operating in a similar way is fitted on the horizontal carriage.
  • The microscope with rack and pinion is fitted on this vertical carriage and can be clamped in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • The slides can travel 22 cm horizontally and 15 cm vertically.
  • Two slow motion knobs are provided for taking accurate readings; vernier readings to 0.01 mm or 0.02 mm.
  • The stage on which the objects are placed for measurement is fitted with a milky white Perspex plate.
  • The microscope tube consists of an eyepiece with a magnification of 10X and a focal length of 50 mm.
  • We have two variants of this microscope:

RVM-201: Travelling microscope having movement horizontally and vertically with stainless steel scale and vernier reading to 0.01 mm or 0.02 mm.
RVM-202: It is the same as above. The difference is that it is fitted with a micrometre head controlling movement.



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