BM-3A HSA type Student Microscope

Eye Piece Wide-Field 10x Eye-piece or
set of 10x & 15x Huygenian Eye-pieces.
Nosepiece Triplet revolving nosepiece with click stops
Stage High Quality S.S. Stage clips provided to hold the slide.
Focusing By vertical movement of the observation
tube, with coarse adjustment using
rack-pinion movement and fine motion
by screw level mechanism.
Condenser Abbe condenser having Numerical
aperture of 1.25 with iris diaphragm and
swing out filter holder. This condenser
unit incorporates high efficiency optical
system for optimum utilisation of light.
Illuminator Arc-Reflector set for using natural light to study the slide.
Objective Achromatic 10x and 40x/45x.
Packing In mould styrofoam box or wooden
storing cabinet with lock and key
(on demand)
Accessories Vinyl dust cover, Operating manual


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