Senior Laboratory Medical Microscope BM – 5 (Ultra)

New improved model as per ISI specifications with precise graduated slow motion reading to .002mm, rack and pinion motion of the condensor unit N.A. 1.20 and detachable mechanical stage with following optics in thermocole packing.
Eye Piece 10x, 15x or 5x (any two) or WF 10x
Objectives 10x, 45x (SL), 100x (SL) Oil immersion
(a) Completes as above with A grade indian optics.
(b) Completes as above with indian optics I00x oil immersion having imported lenses
Extra charges for graduated draw tube.
Extra charges for wooden box (for model no.: BM2, BM3, BM3, BM4, BM5)



Eye Piece Extra wide field 10X Eye-piece specially designed for ultra series.
Nosepiece Triplet revolving nosepiece with click stops
Stage Built in graduated mechanical stage having size of 135 mm x 120 mm, which is controlled two separate knobs for easy scan of slide.
Focusing By vertical movement of the Observation tube, with coarse adjustment using rack-pinion movement and, fine motion by screw lever mechanism having graduated knob.
Condenser Abbe condenser having Numerical aperture of 1.25 with iris Diaphragm and swing out filter holder can be moved through rack-pinion. This condenser unit incorporates high efficiency optical
system for optimum utilization of light.
Light Source Battery operated LED pin-type lamp with on and off switch and an optional arc-reflector set for using natural light to study the slide.
Objective Achromatic l0x and 40x and 100x (Oil immersion).
Packing In mould styrofoam box or wooden storing cabinet with lock and key (on demand)
Also Included Vinyl dust cover, lens cleaning wipes (100 no.s), operating manual.


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