• Our set consists of a laminated C-core with coils.
  • The coils are designed to be used with ‘Westminster Kit’ type laminated ‘C’ cores and clips.
  • The coils are made from a strong plastic material, i.e. Tufnol with 4 mm socket connections.
  • Each coil is center-tapped giving three turns’ value per coil.
  • This system of the C-core and coils allows students to investigate for themselves the basics of Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic Induction.
  • Students will also understand how the use of a magnetic core can increase the strength of a magnetic field in an electromagnetic coil, by a factor of several hundred times than what it would be without the core.
  • Also students can appreciate the creation of stronger magnetic fields by increasing the number of turns of wire that are wrapped around the C-core.

The set of C-core and coils is available in different variations of the coils:

  1. C-core for coils (Can be purchased separately)
  2. C-core & Coils, Coil 50 + 100
  3. C-core & Coils, Coil 200 + 250
  4. C-core & Coils, Coil 300 + 350
  5. C-core & Coils, Coil 400 + 500
  6. C-core & Coils, Coil 550 + 600

Complete set is also available.



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