1. It is a large scale transformer, which is ideal for classroom teaching.
  2. Various coils can be used to show how transformers are used in domestic electrical appliances and in the National Grid for power transmission.
  3. The coils are fitted with intermediary outputs providing many transformation ratios.
  4. The transformer core consists of a magnetic circuit made up of highly permeable U-shaped metal sheeting, which can be closed via two clamps with tightening screws.


  • Transformer core
  • One coil of 6000 turns, I max: 0.2 A, with tapping every 2000 turns.
  • One coil of 1200 turns, I max: 1.25 A, with tapping at 400 & 800 turns.
  • One coil of 72 turns, I max: 12 A, with tapping at 6, 30, 54, and 66 turns.
  • One coil of 600 turns, I max:  2.5 A, mainly to create the transformer primary, provided with the power supply cable.

Any other coil of different turns is available on request.

Thus, students can understand the relationship between the potential differences on the secondary and the primary coils and the number of turns on the secondary and primary coils.

Students can visualize the nail melting experiment, the jumping ring experiment, and the boiling of water in the aluminum ring once the transformer is turned on.



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