• A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to accumulate electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column, creating very high electric potentials.
  • This classic Van de Graaff generator device is a very useful tool for students as it demonstrates some of the fundamental concepts in electrostatics: charge accumulation, potential differences, capacitance, and resistivity. Our model is especially designed for electrostatic experiments and where a continuous source of high voltage is required.
  • This device is fitted on a base with a smooth running A.C. motor that operates on 220 volts AC, 50 Hz.
  • The Generator’s conductor sphere is detachable, the drive motor has controllable speed, and the device includes a small discharge sphere on a rod.
  • The accessories included with the device comprise of various useful items for demonstrating and investigating the nature and behavior of static electrical charge.



  • Maximum Voltage: Up to 350kV, depending on the ambient conditions.
  • Length of Sparks: Up to 10 inch.
  • Charge Collecting Belt: Made of rubber and has an excellent insulation resistance.
  • Tracking: Belt-tracking can be easily adjusted.
  • Charge collecting combs/Electrodes: Aluminium mesh, clearly visible.
  • Conductor Sphere: Made of aluminium and is 250 mm in diameter.
  • Connections: 4mm sockets in the dome and the base.
  • Discharger: A sphere with a diameter of 63.5mm, on an insulated handle.
  • 4 mm Earth sockets in the base.
  • The acrylic shaft allows for full visibility.

Students will be exhilarated to see powerful demonstrations with the accessories included in the kit, making the entire experience of learning about the Van de Graaff generator, a very fascinating one.

These include:

  • Head of Hair and a comb- Tired of being zapped, plug this plume on top of the dome and watch the hair stand on end.
  • Neon Bulb – An exciting phenomenon to see the electric charge light up the neon bulb. The bulb will only light from the van de graaff up until were you grab the bulb and ground the circuit.
  • Electric Whirl – See electric energy transformed to mechanical energy with this device.
  • Volta’s hail storm-That is demonstrated with pith balls contained in a perspex cylinder. It provides for a strong visualization of a variable electric field, which will capture your attention for hours.
  • An Electric tester
  • A spare rubber belt.


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