• It comprises of a set of optical apparatus for all types of optical experiments involving reflection, refraction and colour mixing.
  • The principal component is a robust light box finished in matt black with a 12 V, 24W halogen lamp.
  • One end of the box has a cylindrical convex lens in an adjustable sliding mount which allows a parallel, convergent or divergent beam to be produced.
  • The other end of the box has a triple aperture system for colour mixing experiments.
  • The lateral apertures have adjustable hinged mirrors.
  • All apertures in the box are provided with vertical channels to hold slit plates and/or colour filters.

The optical accessories included in the set are:

  1. Acrylic blocks (prisms)- One rectangular, one semi-circular, one triangular prism 60° x 60° x 60°, one triangular prism 90° x 60° x 30°, one triangular prism 90° x 45° x 45°.
  2. Acrylic Cylindrical Lenses- One double concave, one double convex (both with the same radius of curvature), and one thick double convex.
  3. Mirrors: One curved metalized plastic (parabolic), one curved metalized plastic (semi-circular), one plane glass (mounted on stand).
  4. Black slit plate-with three narrow slits at one end and one narrow slit at the other end.
  5. Another black slit plate with four narrow slits at one end and one wide slit at the other end.
  6. Set of seven mounted color filters.
  • It is supplied complete with a spare lamp and working instructions manual


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