• Concave or converging mirrors are used to focus light, since they have a reflecting surface that is recessed inward (i.e. away from the incident light).
  • Our spherical optically worked mirrors are made of premium quality of glass.
  • They incorporate a vacuum coated silver reflective backing with protective coating, for a superior finish.
  • These are not mounted.
  • Students can appreciate in various experiments, how different images can be produced by a concave mirror for the same object, based upon the position of the object. In all the scenarios, the image produced is real and inverted and maybe magnified, the same size or diminished; except when the object is placed very near to the mirror (i.e. between the focal point and the mirror) where the image produced is virtual and erect.
  • Dimensions: Diameter of the concave mirrors is 75 mm.

Concave mirrors with different focal lengths are available with us:

  1. Concave mirror with focal length= 50mm
  2. Concave mirror with focal length= 75mm
  3. Concave mirror with focal length= 100mm
  4. Concave mirror with focal length= 150mm
  5. Concave mirror with focal length= 200mm
  6. Concave mirror with focal length= 300mm.


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