Our kit includes a variety of magnets and accessories for teaching the basics of magnetism.

It comes complete with all the components nicely packed in a specially moulded storage tray.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Chrome steel horseshoe magnet with keeper
  • 1 Alnico horseshoe magnet with keeper
  • 2 chrome steel bar magnets with keepers
  • 2 Alnico bar magnets with keepers
  • 2 Ceramic magnadur bar magnets
  • 2 ceramic bar magnets
  • 5 ceramic ring magnets
  • 2 chrome steel cylindrical magnets
  • 2 Alnico cylindrical magnets
  • 8 metal discs, 25mm in diameter, with the name of the metal stamped
  • 1 Pack of iron fillings
  • 4 Metal squares
  • 2 Plotting compasses, 25mm diameter
  • 2 Plotting compasses, 40mm diameter.
  • 1 Natural magnet.

Students can explore with the common experiments related to magnetism, such as plotting the magnetic lines, differentiating between the magnetic and the non-magnetic objects, understanding the north and the south poles, including the repulsion between like poles and attraction between the unlike ones. Thus, our kit is indispensible.



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