• Our electroscope is useful for physics teachers to illustrate electrostatic principles of charging and charge interactions.
  • Students can understand how an electroscope behaves as a charge-detecting device.
  • The electroscope is made up of sheet metal walls that are attached to a plastic base.
  • The front glass window slides up to allow for the insertion of ionizing material in the chamber.
  • The light-weight metal vane which rests upon a support stand is free to rotate about its pivot and is used as a pointer in the electroscope.
  • This light weight metal blade deflects when the electroscope plate is charged.
  • Therefore, by observing any deflection of the needle, the presence of charge in either the electroscope or a nearby object can be determined.
  • Our electroscope comes with two accessories: an electrophorus disc and a spherical electrode.


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