• Our optical bench comprises of a wooden baseboard measuring 1.1 m x 115 mm, with a 1m scale divided in millimetres and figured every centimetre.
  • 6 sliding moulded bases measuring 100 x 50 mm, each with index line, brass pillar and locking screw are also provided.
  • Our optical bench offers excellent support and alignment of the optical elements, and provides for accurate demonstrations of basic optics principles in physics laboratories.

The following accessories are included:

  1. 1 candle holder.
  2. 1 white metal object screen 75mm in diameter with gauze.
  3. 1 holder for lenses, which comprises of a wooden upright with a ‘V’ shaped slot to hold lenses up to 75 mm in diameter.
  4. 1 white metal receiving screen, 100 x 75mm with a slot for squared paper screen on the reverse.
  5. 1 Plane mirror in a metal frame 150 x 100 mm.
  6. 1 object needle mounted vertically in a short metal rod.
  • All the accessories are provided with 6 mm mounting rods. The lengths of the rods and the sizes of the components have been designed to provide a common optical centre.
  • Other sizes and other types of optical benches are available on request.
  • Lamp house and projection lamp are also available.
  • Additional lens holders can be bought separately.


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