Penta Head Microscope X – 555 Plus


X-555 Plus

  • Optical System – infinite Optical System.
  • Viewing Head – Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined at 30 360° Rotatable. Interpupilary Distance 18-75mm (1PC) Compensation Free Binocu ar Head, Inc ined al 30 360 Rolalable. Interpupilary Distance 48-75mm
  • Eyepiece – Extra Wide Fied Eyepiece EW 10×80 (10PCS)
  • Noseplece  –  inverse Quintuple Nosepiece
  • Objective – Infinite Plan Achromatic Cbjective 4x, 10x. 40x or 100x
  • Coadenser – Swing Condenser NA.0.970.25
  • Focusing – Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Adjusment, Fine Divis on 0.001mm
  • Stage – Double Layers Mechanical Stage 185x142mm, Moving illumination. Hainger lamp 24V/100W
  • Kohler Illumination – External illumination, Halogen Lamp 24V/100W
  • Pointer – Green LED Pointer. Brightness Adjustbale


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