• Our prisms come with optically worked glass.
  • These prisms are different from the equilateral prisms and the right angled prisms, in that they have different refracting angles than the usual 600, 900 and 450angles.
  • Students can observe that in a prism, a ray of light suffers two refractions and the result is deviation. The angle between the incident ray and emergent ray is called the angle of deviation. This angle depends upon the angle of the prism, angle of the incident ray, and the nature of material of the prism.
  • Therefore with prisms with different angles, students will realize that if the apex angle is greater than two times the critical angle, it creates total internal reflection at the second surface, no matter the incident angle; hence no incident rays will be refracted through the prism.
  • Students can also observe that when a beam of white light is incident on one of the refracting surfaces of the prism, it splits into a spectrum of colours.
  • Various options in these prisms are available and they can also be customized as per one’s requirement.


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