• Right angled prisms are designed with a 90° angle. These produce inverted or reverted left handed images, depending on the orientation of the prism.
  • Our prisms come with non-optically worked glass.
  • They have polished faces. The edges are slightly beveled.
  • Students can appreciate how the right angled prisms are typically used to bend image paths or for redirecting light at 90°.
  • Thus, these prisms are also known as the reflecting prisms.
  • The 3 angles of our right angled prisms are: 90 × 45 × 45 degrees.

Our right angled prisms come in various sizes:

  1. Right-angled Glass Prism: Dimensions = 38 × 38 mm
  2. Right-angled Glass Prism: Dimensions = 50 × 50 mm.


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