• Named after Heinrich Ruhmkorff, the German scientist who generated higher voltages in induction coils by greatly increasing the length of the secondary, in some coils using 5 or 6 miles (10km) of wire and produced sparks more than 1 foot in length.
  • Therefore, the Ruhmkorff coil became the commercialized form of the induction coil and was used for the operation of Geissler and Crookes tubes etc.
  • Our apparatus consists of a central cylindrical core of soft iron on which are wound two insulated coils: an inner or primary coil, having relatively few turns of copper wire, and a surrounding secondary coil, having a large number of turns of thinner copper wire.
  • It is mounted on a rigid wooden base.
  • The interrupter is incorporated in the apparatus.
  • Our coils are made from the best quality enameled copper wire and paraffin insulation is provided throughout.
  • A pair of pointer electrodes is supplied with the instrument. Pointer electrodes have an insulating handle for adjustment of the spark gap.
  • Our model simulates the traditional Ruhmkorff model of induction coil. It takes you down the history lane and forms for an apparatus that would enthrall your students.


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