• It is used for the study and demonstration of magnetic fields associated with current carrying conductors of different shapes.
  • The conductors are mounted on clear transparent acrylic bases, thus permitting their use on OHP’s for classroom demonstrations.
  • Each conductor has a pair of 4mm socket terminals for the electrical supply.
  • The magnetic effects in each can be visualized through the use of iron fillings or plotting compasses.

It comprises of the following conductors:

  1. LONG SOLENOID- A solenoid coil about 52 x 125mm (diameter x length) of 16 SWG enameled copper wire. Each turn is sufficiently apart and well insulated from the adjacent ones.
  2. VERTICAL WIRE- A copper wire 16 SWG, mounted in a U-shape, vertically on the base. Maximum current is 8A.
  3. VERTICAL COILS- A set of 1 turn and 5 turn coils mounted side by side on a base, each with a separate pair of socket terminals for electrical connections. Maximum current for 1 turn coil is 8A and for 5 turn coil is 5A. By making the current flow through both of them, the cumulative effect of the magnetic field of each can also be investigated.
  4. SIMPLE CIRCULAR COIL- It consists of a single turn circular coil of copper wire of 16 SWG, mounted vertically on a base. Coil diameter is about 55mm.Maximum current is 8A.
  5. SET OF 4 COILS- This set includes one long solenoid, a vertical wire, a pair of vertical coils, and a simple circular coil.


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