• These are useful for demonstrating that some metals are magnetic whilst others are not, and for general ‘metal identification’ exercises.
  • The sets comprise of circular discs, each with a diameter of 25mm.
  • The sets includes 8 metals which are mild steel, stainless steel, brass, zinc, nickel silver, bronze, aluminium and copper.

Our different sets include:

  1. Set of 8 discs, 1 of each metal, with an identification mark (i.e. the name of the metal) stamped on each disc.
  2. Set of 8 discs, 1 of each metal, without an identification mark stamped on the discs.
  3. Set of 16 discs, 2 of each metal. One of each pair is stamped with the name of the metal. The other is unmarked.
  • Students can appreciate and understand the ferromagnetic, diamagnetic and the paramagnetic behavior of various metals.


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